Monday, September 5, 2011

Colbert Discovers 3D Copier

Like Francine, I was also intrigued by the idea of 3D printing and it’s potential not just in the world of animation but for practical purposes. I found this Colbert Report featuring the MakerBot, one of these magical machines. Although replicating Steven Colbert’s head isn’t necessarily very useful (my roommate, a Colbert fanatic, would disagree), the thought of replicating other objects-- tools, cups, utensils, for instance-- could certainly come in handy and save a trip to the store. I assume patent laws may come into question though?

While the scanning/copying process of these high-tech printers seems pretty straightforward and similar to that of ordinary copy machines, the teleportation of 3D objects makes me wonder what is in store next.. Human teleport possibly? Although it seems unlikely, the world of 3D seems to be flourishing. With it’s help, the internet is no longer limited to file sharing but object sharing! I can only image the other uses people will dream up for this art in the future.

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arturo said...

Well, Makerbot is precisely the 3D printer that we got. We just need to put it together because it is a kit. Then you can print your head, assuming you can model it!:-)