Monday, September 5, 2011

The future is Now

Watching the Colbert report on 3D printing could make you think this is something that will somehow become popular in the future. Reminds me of the first appearance of the (very expensive) laser printers, where only businesses could afford them, when presently you see them discarded on trash pickup day almost everywhere. Makerbot is one of the first companies that has made 3D printing affordable. An interesting idea is that 3D printers can of course print themselves, the attack of the clones! Another interesting place is Thingiverse, a place to share your "real" 3D with the rest of us.

So to have an idea how common 3D printing is becoming, check one of the many services that have sprouted in every major city, this one in NYC: Shapeways Check their gallery to see all kinds of crazy objects people design and put up for sale right there, check their blog as well.

You can simply upload your 3D model or even a 2D design and have it printed as an object in a variety of fancy materials, including many metals. Objects previously imposible to make by hand are now relatively simple to make, assuming you have some basic 3D chops, which is what you are here to acquire.

In this Google ad about their search engine they utilize 3D printing to convey a message of reality/virtuality in a rather compelling form:

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