Sunday, September 18, 2011

Graph Editor

I was trying to use the Autodesk tutorial, but (for me at least) reading about it is more challenging. For example, I was trying to understand the Graph Editor when it comes to animations. I have started to feel a lot more comfortable making shapes and such, but the thought of making those shapes move is a little intimidating. While the balls falling in the bowl we made in class seemed pretty self-explanatory (adding gravity) I am more concerned with finding a way to make an object or figure move exactly the way I want. I realize Maya is a software that uses physics and manipulations like gravity and tangents, and that in itself will be a useful tool. But I am no physicist, not at all.

Below is the Graph Editor. The tutorial suggests you can simply manipulate it based on frames and "move" points. This video shows the manipulation in action. A simple speed change.


arturo said...

I think this video is a little confusing because it assumes that you already know how to set keyframes and do basic animation, which we will see very shortly. So do not worry too much about the graph editor just now. It is a very important tool but it will make a lot of sense once you learn, like you say, to move your objects or figures the way you want.

Sarah F said...

Thank you for posting this. I agree with Arturo it was difficult to follow because he was setting key frames and I couldn't figure out how to do that.