Sunday, September 11, 2011

Maya Animation Shorts

Hello all!

So this video I found posted by Ravi Parashar I think is an excellent example of animation that can be done in Maya. He goes through a series of short and some known animations. For example he recreates the very popular "PIXAR" opener where a lamp comes and squishes the letter "i." I had no idea that something like this could be done with Maya. Also within the video he shows a couple of robots pretending to run in different directions. The lighting and motion of the legs makes it seem as if the ground is moving or the robots are moving but since all the legs are moving in different directions it is proof that it was just an illusions. If you pay close attention to all the different animations it is amazing to see how much goes in to something so simple. I am extremely eager to learn these little tricks that go along with Maya such as lighting, motion, and angle to create illusions. I am very excited to learn more then what we already have. (Also once again I'm having trouble getting the video to appear. Someone will have to teach me in class. It's linked to the title).

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