Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mr. Stiff

Real quick, because I am posting above the Lion King post, I wanted to say my thoughts on the matter.

One: Lion King is a classic. No doubt about it. While I agree that 3D is almost unnecessary, I am thankful that they chose to do it simply to put that film back in the theaters and remind people what a classic it is. I would have gone if it wasn't 3D, but that in itself can draw a crowd. And why not mix a little 3D with the classics. We are a progressing society, but I prefer incorporating the old into the new.

On another note, I had some questions.

So my figure is a bit silly, as I was behind most of class. Maya errors (which by the way we figured out so if anyone else has problems using the isoprams just hit the "R" in the layer you are editing in).

So this is my man, and he is missing texture I feel. My fear is that the body wont move fluidly. Is that a realistic worry? For example, if your structure is too stiff does it then move in a stiff manner?

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arturo said...

Your character won't be stiff at all. We will see that next. Using an skeleton the mesh will be deformed and will bend, according to the spans or divisions in your limbs and body. Your character looks just fine!