Monday, September 26, 2011

Nissan Truck Commercial

I've noticed that commercials have been getting pretty extreme lately. One example of this trend is the Old Spice ads. The latest Old Spice commercial features a sea captain with gold coins pouring out of its pockets, a squid biting his shoulder, and ridiculous abs.

But the other night on TV I saw a commercial for a Nissan truck that reminded me of Maya. The commercial takes place in an airport and switches between a television screen and a large window. A plane is landing with a broken front landing gear. When I watched it I thought it was obvious that the plane was added digitally and that the Nissan pick up truck driving on the run way was actually there. The truck catches the broken landing gear in its bed and acts as the landing gear for the passenger plane. When I watched this I thought about how easy it would be to model a plane. Its just a cylinder with some wings and glass which all could be modeled in Maya. Probably easier than sausage man too because we don't need skeletons or kinematics or anything like that.

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