Friday, September 9, 2011

Oscar Winning Maya Short

I am really glad we started playing around with Maya last class. I already feel a little more comfortable when it comes to the simple basics. However, the more I research, the more I realize how in depth Maya is. I mean, just pressing the space bar is absurd. Maya is its own world, but I want to know it. And what's unique about it, is that you can create your own world. There are, as we have seen many simple and creative things you can do. Now this video below is complex and has ALOT going on (and it was made in Maya). It is a clever animation using simple shapes and recognizable symbols. It gives me hope that something with so many moving objects and a world can be created with this software. I JUST WANT TO KNOW HOW!

I am really excited. If by the end of this class I can make a world full of animation that would be great.



arturo said...

I took the liberty of embedding the actual full movie because it is the only way you can make sense of it and understand why it won the Oscar.

It is not only an amazing piece of animation but manages to tell our sad story as mindless consumers, a message that would get lost if you just watch the trailer and think of it as a "cute" animation.

Eerie enough that deals with an epic disaster as Japan recently experienced something similar (if real!) and that Californians are so expecting, the BIG ONE!

Alex Pickering said...

I have several questions about Maya in regards to this piece that I will bring up in class. When watching this movie I noticed certain things that I wondered if they did by hand or if there were settings or plug ins that were assisting the creators. When the truck spills all the stuff out and it rolls on the ground how did they do that? I doubt they animated each individual object. Did they use arrays? Also I assume the ground level is a solid plane but is there a way to lock things to that plane or do you have to place each object? After handling the program for a few days this film was beyond impressive.