Sunday, September 18, 2011

Some Bollywood Special Effects

With Hollywood constantly churning out intense effects driven action movies, film can get kind of repetitive. But I gained new respect for movies like, Avatar, Transformers 3 or even Live Free or Die Hard when I saw a youtube video of India's most expensive film to date. The movie is called Enthiran which means robot.

File:Endhiran poster July 2010.jpg
The film's poster is very similar to the Terminator poster and the general concept is comparable as well. There is a unstoppable force of robots destroying civilization but with a bit of Frankenstein mixed in. The robot is modeled after its creator and he has lost control of his creations. The special effects are absolutely ridiculous in a way that is hard to explain without just showing them.

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Connie Honeycutt said...

The bullets are the best part haha