Thursday, September 8, 2011

something cool

hey you guys so i was looking for something interesting to put onto the blog..and whether or not you liked "inception" they definitely had some cool scenes and effects. I found a mini documentary with the director and some of the head guys in special effects and production. I really like the scene in the hotel (they call it the zero gravity scene i think). I think its pretty wild how they can pull some of this stuff off, but then you watch the video and see how much science and engineering went into the set and just time and manpower.

I know! yeah they didnt even use a green screen for that hotel hallway scene


arturo said...

The following LINK is a response that I wrote to a similar post on one of my other class blogs. It is relevant o see what antecedents Inception was inspired by. Enjoy!

Sarah F said...

This IS crazy. I can't believe this much money and time is being put into movies like this nowadays. It is like what Arturo was talking about. If you don't think of it as an effect then they did a good job.