Sunday, September 18, 2011

Toy Story Animation

After watching the video about Toy Story animation posted by Abby I became very interested in it and decided to look further when I came across this video. It isn't much different from the other one but it does show some really cool things. It's amazing how what we are doing is so similar to this. I never realized when watching Toy Story as a kid, or even watching it last year when the third one came out how realistic yet fake everything happening was. It is extremely interesting in this video when they act out in person how they want the character to move b/c it will make it more realistic. Also the way they maneuver around the program and just move the characters arms or legs in the slightest bit makes all the difference. I am looking forward to working with characters in class tomorrow. Though I am a little nervous b/c I have no artistic/drawing ability at all. We'll see what happens but it's exciting to know what were doing is useful.

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