Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Two Second Animation

I found another tutorial by the same person that did the first tutorial I posted. It is very good and very in depth. It takes you through the creation of a two second animation from the very beginning to the batch rendering in 13 videos. It has you create a bouncing ball that comes into frame, hits the floor, and bounces away. An easy to use feature that I enjoyed in the video was the squash and stretch feature. It was really easy to have the ball squash and snap back to shape using keyframes as it hit the ground. Now that I have finished the tutorial I feel as though I could've done it all in 5 minutes but the person explaining the process is very good. He makes sure to mention certain features you will be using often many times rather than just clicking on them. I felt as though I was a little kid again following the instructions to a set of Legos. I highly recommend this tutorial.

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