Sunday, September 4, 2011


Hello all! So I know we haven't really started to use Maya yet (I still cannot download it either) but I found this video on youtube and thought it was really cool to see what we could potentially be doing. This video entitled Vicious posted by erictingtingting1 (additional credits available at end of video) is an awesome music video using different characters and settings, as well as combining animation with live-action. The detail in all the different characters and the timing between the real people and characters is phenomenal. I am sure this is beyond complicated to learn but I am extremely interested and hope to be able to do this some day. Also something I noticed in this video was the importance of lighting. It completely changes the viewers angle on the characters and setting and is so important when making such a creation. I am looking forward to just being able to do a fraction of what this video is. (Also I'm having some difficulty posting the video here but if you just click the title of this post "VICIOUS" it will link you right to the video on youtube).

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