Sunday, October 9, 2011

3D glasses at home??

As a TV-R major, as I think most of us our, I got started thinking about the future of 3D in television.

According to Neilsen, the future for 3D in television is grim, but other sources have higher hopes. Consumer reports published an article, suggesting that despite the high prices, narrow distribution, and funny-looking glasses, 3D television is going to continue to develop into something widespread. Meanwhile, CNBC argued that 3D TV's future relies on sports broadcasting.

My first thought was that I can't imagine families sitting in front of their TV wearing 3D glasses. But then, I realized that there is a difference between 3D movies that require glasses and the 3D animation we do on Maya. I did some research to help clarify that research. I believe this article on How Stuff Works does a good job distinguishing between the two: 3D movies and digital 3D.

So although all the signs show that 3-D movie and television creation (the kind we are doing on Maya) will continue to thrive, that DOES NOT necessarily mean that we will all have to put on 3D glasses to watch the nightly news. As someone who gets headaches from digital 3D, this is good news!

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