Sunday, October 30, 2011

3D spaces

Just a quick hint for the class... I couldn't think of anything to post for this week so I went to and "stumbled" through animation. I found some really great articles on 3D animation and a lot of cool videos like this one...

...Crazy stuff... and so much to talk about. This was a piece created by a guy named Tim Marchant for his final degree project (3D animation degree, obviously).

First off, the orginal basic space he creates is really cool. It looks so creepy and every detail is paid attention to... yet it's definitely something achievable in Maya.

You can also really see how lighting in camera angles are important. Right now we're just working on chess sets and haven't done much with lighting and only know how to adjust camera angles... well this clearly shows what can be achieved once those skills are mastered.

When he lifts the chair I was proud enough to think "well I could do that in Maya"... lame but whatever! Just a few move and rotation moves with keyframing!

And don't get me started on the warping and breaking of the room... it was so cool! You actually felt like this "monster" was a force on the room. Sometimes he made it move as the monster breathed or laughed. A really nice touch.

It's a little bit of a creepy video buy definitely shows 3D mastery!

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