Sunday, October 9, 2011

Animate your Hand!

Again, click the title to bring you to this link of the tutorial. But this is a written out tutorial on setting keys when animating your hand so that you don't have to go into every joint and rotate it, but can instead use axis points and so on to animate the hand. I am aware that this version of MAYA is a little out dated, but from what I could read, the concepts were the same. It strangely utilizes "attributes" in order to set key frames. This tutorial is awfully mathematical, so for those that prefer to manually go in and move their fingers where they want (I may be one of those people), then this is not for you! The only thing this tutorial is missing is a final video of the animation to prove it works and is good...but hey, it's the internet - I am sure we can find that somewhere... (I tried so if anyone else can find one and post it that would be swell).

Happy Hand Making ;)

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