Sunday, October 30, 2011

Animation Hub 2011

So I was searching for something cool to post from Vimeo and I found this short film. At first glance there's nothing particularly special about the video. It is certainly a well done piece but nothing necessarily stands out until you read the little blurb underneath it. Apparently this minute and thirty second short was created as a collaboration between a group of Irish university students and professionals. The students were part of a three month long summer program called Animation Hub which is funded by the Irish Film Board and Science Foundation Ireland. The film is a combination of 3D animation and motion capture techniques. The animation is really very good and could even pass as a fully professional animation piece. The story is also pretty good in my opinion and it even has a funny/surprise ending! I guess the real point of this post is to give everyone the opportunity to visualize what the results of three months working with a team of animators looks like.

The Last Train from Animation Hub on Vimeo.

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