Sunday, October 23, 2011


Hello everyone in Maya land. As we are working on our peices, I have still been struggling to create very detailed shapes. Jimmy, your pieces look really great. I think there is something different in my faces/amount of geometry to work with. I have been trying to fix it without starting all of my pieces over since I already all except the knight (which is very difficult).

Are people making the eyes and mouth for the knight? And if so, are they doing it in mudbox or can that be done in Maya as well?

This video makes it look like you can do a detailed horse in Maya at least, though it is difficult to understand this video. I wanted to see how everyone was doing and how they were doing it. Looking forward to seeing the boards/hand/pieces!

Hope everyone had a nice Fall Break.


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Francine Price said...

Hey con. I'll post my horse up here later for you to see too but I think you most likely just need some more geometry. I made the eyes by adding a couple edge loops and extruding faces, scaling them etc. For the mouth I selected a few vertex at the front of the horse and moved them back to create a kind of slit. Does that make sense? I also made ears by adding more geometry, extruding a face, rotating it a little, then extruding the new face on top of that inward. I also extruded faces on the top and back of the horse to made a main. My horse doesn't look perfect but it looks like a horse...I guess haha. Hope that helped a little.