Tuesday, October 25, 2011

glass chess set

so im trying to make my pieces glass basically. i honestly didnt think much of it but when i sat down to try and make it work i ran into a few problems. first thing was the colors. the white (ended up clear) and the black needed and outside color of white (in the attribute editor for the dielectric material) in order to show and have some sort of reflection and transparency. the next problem i had was with the lighting, even though i guess those problems go hand in hand. i created a few lights and played around a little and tried different backgrounds (like polygon platforms to reflect light) and a bunch of different lights. this is where im at now, its not done because i still have to light it without blowing the chess board off the face of maya. all the lights i have are ambient and i have 3 rows of 3 right now. you can mess around with the scale (just like shapes) and the intensity of the light can be tweaked on the right side or on the attribute editor.

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