Sunday, October 23, 2011

Finished Chess set...almost!

Hey guys,

So I've completed pretty much all of my chess pieces and made the necessary duplicates for each color. The only two things I am having trouble with are the knight and the bishop. For the bishop I am still having trouble putting the slit in at the top. I can get it to cut the NurbstoPoly part but not the revolved surface so the slit doesn't show up anyway. I thought maybe I was just selecting the wrong thing and one of you could tell me what it was? Otherwise it should be a quick fix with Arturo's help in class on Monday...hopefully. My second question is how any of you duplicated the knight once you combined the top and bottom pieces. The problem for me here again is what exactly to select when I duplicate it. Besides those two issues this chess set has been relatively easy to complete. My knight is far from perfect but at least it kind of looks like a horse :-).

I'm including pictures of my horse on here with the wire frame for Connie who was having some trouble. I tried to explain how I did some of the modeling in a comment on her post for anyone who is interested. Although, I'm not sure how helpful my description actually is. Note: my ears are pretty screwed up.

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