Monday, October 24, 2011

The Lorax

Looks like yet another classic Dr. Seuss book is getting the computer animated feature film treatment, this time courtesy of Illumination entertainment. Personally, I enjoyed the Blue Sky Studios rendition of  Horton Hears a Who but didn't quite feel it was necessary.

While I think these images do a good job of capturing Seuss's style as computer animation, they will never match the unique quality of his drawings. The Lorax was previously traditionally animated traditionally as a TV short, which strikes me as a better format for the story. In fact, due to they're short, simple stories, Seuss's books also always seemed to me to better suit short films than features, but of course short films aren't marketable theatrically.

Hopefully, these films at least get young kids interested in reading the original stories. What do you think?

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