Sunday, October 2, 2011

Maya Tutorial - Another Method to Learning

The title of this post links to a really neat website. But if you don't like shortcuts it's here too:

So I found this really neat and in depth tutorial when I was stumbling. I figured it would be perfect here. What is interesting about it, is that it goes into depth on specific projects you are working on. For example there are links to tutorials that are written, as opposed to a video of someone doing it. This way, if you take direction better by reading directions, it will work better for you! Below is an image of a simple screw driver that the tutorial goes into depth on. (it is a little intimidating how perfect the ridges are, and this is only one of the first 10 steps..yikes)

As you can see, it's pretty detailed. But it's a good method to use if you aren't a fan of the videos (like me). Also, it has models of characters as well, for later projects.

Good luck on your hands gang.

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