Monday, October 31, 2011

Messing With Particles and The Hypershader

I got a little bored of the chess set so I took some time to do a little tutorial. Rather than being a video the tutorial was made up of pictures and text. It was of a rocket flying through the air in a ballistic trajectory. It can be found here. This is a screen shot from my results.

I could have been a little neater when drawing the initial curve for my missile. The smoke coming from the missile is created with particles. The smoke also could have been more interesting but it required skills from another tutorial I hadn't done. The tutorial told you to add stucco and a solid fractal to the smoke color ramp to make it similar to a lava texture. The smoke is ramped by color and by size so that it expands as it gets further from the missile. I also applied a turbulence layer to disperse the smoke as the missile flies. Not shown in the picture, the tutorial has you draw a curve and shows how easy it is to parent an object to a curve and have it travel that path. It was as simple as stating which frame I wanted the missile to start and end its flight on.

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