Sunday, October 16, 2011

Progress of Chess Set

So far with my chess set, I've completed every piece except for the knight, which is by far the most difficult piece. For the pawn and the queen, I simply did the bezier and revolve. For the rook and the bishop, I started with the bezier and revolve tool, and and then created a series of cube polygons and used "difference" under Boolean to create the negative space in the crown of the rook and the face of the bishop.

For the King, I once again used the revolve tool to create the main structure. To add the cross on top, I created a cube and added divisions to it. I then put it in face mode, and selected the two middle segments opposite each other and used the extrude tool. I then made it smaller and positioned it in place and then used Mesh --> Combine to fuse them together.

For the knight, I've been trying the same method that we used with the human, where we started with a revolved object. So far, it hasn't been too successful, and I'm thinking about using a cube instead.

For organizing my project, I've been using multiple layers for each type of piece. One for the bezier and revolved shape, and one for the polygon/NERB. This is effective for only viewing the pieces that I want to view.

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arturo said...

WHen modeling the knight think about it in two parts. One is the base which can ve revolved, the other is the head which is easier done via box modeling. Later you can either attach the vertices, assuming you have the same number, or simply parent the 2 pieces