Sunday, October 16, 2011

What other park students are doing...

I've had this video uploading all day and I give up!!! Sorry guys I'll try to post it tomorrow when I have better internet signal in class... here's the majority of my post...

So clearly the people in this class aren't the only ones who do some pretty awesome stuff with 3D. This may count more towards Motion Graphics and Animation but I thought I'd show it you guys anyways.

I produce ICTV's entertainment news show, Entertainment16, and this year my co-producer and I decided it was time for some new graphics. We went to Ithaca College Junior George Ahlmeyer gave him some color and theme ideas. What he came up with worked perfectly and like I said it's been over an two hours loading so tomorrow I'll figure out a better way to put it up here!

Otherwise it's pretty impressvie stuff that would have taken me light years to have done by myself. Thanks George! To see more of his stuff you can visit his website here.
I highly recommend him for any future projects you might need help on!

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