Sunday, October 16, 2011

Why am I taking this class again?

Amid my frustration with animating a hand and chess set, I keep finding myself questioning why I decided to take this class. I decided to look for examples of 3D animations more relevant to the career path in environmental documentary work that I'd like to take, as opposed to the fictional animations that we've been posting. I came across this video online which helped reinforce my decision to take this class.

This animator uses 3D to help explain real issues that are difficult to conceptualize. For people like myself who aren't experts in industrial design or the oil industry, this visual make the oil spill much easier to understand. I think the same would hold through for many environmental issues such as global climate change that are heavily scientific and not something you can just see with your bare eyes. Especially for visual learners, 3D animation is a very powerful tool of simplification and explanation.

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