Monday, November 28, 2011

2D movies to 3D

I stumbled across this blog about making movies from 2D to 3D. They made Titanic into 3D and the author is wondering if people will enjoy it. If the 3D quality is poor it might be too much for the audience. He says watching Avatar is different in 3D than watching Titanic. If the statement was solely based on the quality because Titanic was converted into 3D, then he has a point. If not, I don't see the difference.

He also talked about how 2D trailers are made for 3D movies. If they have 3D footage, why use 2D? That is puzzling. More and more people have capabilities on their television and computer to watch 3D so people expect it.

We do see more and more films in 3D these days but I wonder if it will last. Do you think that 3D films will be common in technology's future? It if is bad on our eyes, I hope not.

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