Sunday, November 13, 2011

3D at the box office, new and old

So this first bit of information is probably old news for many of you but bare with me I'm a little slow sometimes. Haha. Anyway, I was searching online for something to post about this week and I came across a story on the entertainment website The Wrap about how Disney is re-releasing more of their movies in 3D. For Disney, this strategy means expanding on profits made when "The Lon King" was re-released this fall.  For me, it means getting to see some of my favorite Disney movies of all time in theaters. While "Finding Nemo"  (Sept. 14th 2012) and "Monsters Inc." (January 18th, 2013) are the only two I think will really be worth seeing in 3D, I'm equally psyched for "The Little Mermaid" (Sept. 13th, 2013) and "Beauty and the Beast" (January 13th, 2012).

On another note, I've been hearing the movie "The Adventures of Tin Tin" come up a lot in conversation lately but hadn't checked out the trailer until today. In case you haven't alread you should definitely take a look at it too. The films looks like it will feature some of the most realistic animation for a fully animated film we have ever seen. In fact, parts of the scenery in the trailer looks pretty close to reality. While the human faces are pretty remarkable they are definitely one of the first things to give away that this is an animated film. I wonder what it is that makes it so difficult for us to recreate human flesh to the tea in animation?

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