Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Avatar Hand

Can we get one of these?! I started to get discouraged because I don't know much about key framing yet and if I could just get my hands on one of those machines life would be much easier! All jokes aside, it looks very interesting and it is amazing a machine can animate a hand on a computer as easily as it does. I was hoping in class tomorrow Arturo would show us more about key framing and maybe he can on Monday instead. I am stuck on moving the hand at this point as it seems like there are many steps and if you key frame it wrong it might be hard to correct later on.

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arturo said...

We could, haptic devices such as the PHANTOM are becoming very affordable in the low hundreds (as little as 150 for the ones I used in my previous job at UF) but to be honest it is just a fancier manipulator, like a 3D mouse. You still need to build all the rigging in your character and set all your limits. Animating it it still requires keyframing, although you could record the motion and plugin the keyframes that way. You would go just a little crazier I think:-)

That is why I sent all of you the link to the IK tutorial, because it will make it a lot easier to animate your hand or any other character.