Monday, November 14, 2011

Chess Set

I'm looking forward to having the chess set animation completed because once we've mastered the movement of the hand, I think it will be easier to mess with it and create other kinds of animations. Here is an example of an interesting way to animate a chess set, other than just having a hand move pieces or simply having the pieces play out a game.

This dude created a full on battle between his chess pieces. The way they fight and move has nothing to do with the real game of chess, but it is very cool and creative. At one point a piece's head explodes and its brains fly everywhere. I also think it is interesting that the majority of his video is on the chess board, and then at the very end it zooms out to show a very elaborate, fully animated living room. I can imagine that the room took a very long time to model, and it is only in the video for a few seconds...

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