Monday, November 21, 2011

Damn this is cool

Somehow I stumbled upon this tutorial for how to edit an image in photoshop and make it 3d. Here are the basics: Pick an image with action and depth. Create a depth map layer (the closest objects need to be white, the farthest need to be black, and everything in between will be shades of gray).

From there there are a few more steps and tiny things to adjust (steps that mean nothing to you unless you have Photoshop open and are trying it). When you are done, the image will be three dimensional under traditional red and blue 3D glasses.

I want to try it.


arturo said...

Welcome to the fun world of stereoscopy.
You can actually render your hand and chess set in stereo format with Maya. There is a short tutorial HERE

arturo said...

You can buy anaglyph glasses in Amazon for less than a dollar