Friday, November 4, 2011

Featured artist Javier Solsona

Javier was born in Argentina (grew up in Patagonia) and is currently the character TD (technical director) at DreamWorks Animation. The Character TD department is in charge of setting up the motion system (the puppets) and deformation for all characters as well as props. The also work closely with the character fx team to do a lot of the hair and clothing.

He was featured in the CGBrains site where the previous post came from, and where you can read a very interesting and inspiring interview HERE. But more importantly at this point I think is his own site, appropriately called Rigging101.

Here you can find fascinating discussions in the forums, free tutorials and ready made rigs like the one featured in the video below. This was posed as a challenge by him and different people responded with different solutions (including Javier). You can download the rig file from the site and play with it, but definitely watch the video first.

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