Sunday, November 6, 2011

Finished Lighting?

Hey guys,

So like Connie I definitely suggest you try lighting your scene because it does make a huge difference. I started using the lighting dome tutorial, created the sphere and placed the spot light above my scene. Then I got frustrated with my shadows and decided to try something a little different than what the tutorial is suggesting. I think that the dome and the spot light are a good way to get your lighting started because it creates a lot of light from above. However, if you are looking for an effect with shadows that are a little less harsh maybe you can try what I did. After adding the spot light I decided to add two directional lights on either side of the camera, I guess they serve as my key and fill lights. I messed around with the angle/position and intensity of each light until I was satisfied with the size of my shadows. It's not perfect but it is a good start to relatively flat lighting. I guess I should mess around with the shadows of each light in the attribute editor a little. Fun story, that's exactly where I stopped paying attention to the tutorial. Even though this chess set doesn't look as cool as Connie's does, I'm hoping it will work well with the addition of a hand into the scene.

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