Sunday, November 27, 2011

Motion Tracking

Over break I spent some time doing some research on 3D animation. My goal with all of this 3D stuff is to one day bring the animations to life by combining it with footage. I know how to motion track and match move 2d footage using after effects but I did not know exactly how this would be done with a model made in Maya. After reading articles and watching YouTube videos I saw some very impressive things.

This video interested me because these days in movies more of the scene is digitally created than is real. I searched the internet for 3D match moving software and came across two different pieces of software. Boujou, a 10,000 dollar 36 megabyte program and PFtrack, a little less expensive but equally ridiculous. After seeing these prices and not wanting to be a pirate I got scared that it wasn't possible to take my 3D creations and apply them to footage. But then after looking at the Autodesk folder one more time I realized that Maya comes with a match mover. Here is an example of something fairly simple that could be achieved using this software.

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