Sunday, November 20, 2011

Progress or Procrastination?

 Since I didn't have any great ideas about what to post this week I thought I'd just put up a picture of the scene I've created for my animation. I can't decide if me spending the past two classes working entirely on building the set, rather than animating my hand is a good thing or not. At the very least maybe it will give all of you some ideas for what to do with yours. In case you do see something you like and want to replicate it I'll give you a brief description of what I did to build each piece.

The chair and the couch are both just cubes. I changed the number of subdivisions (like we did for the chess board) in the attribute editor.  This allowed me to be able to extrude the four corner faces on the bottom of the cube to make legs. I then extruded the faces around the edge of the top of the cube to create the arms and the back of the chair. I then extruded the faces on the back of the chair a little more so that it was higher than the arms. Finally I smoothed the polygon once to make it look more "comfy." To make the couch I just used the scale tool to make a duplicate of the chair a little longer.

To make the table I also created a cube (given it was much flatter) with subdivisions and created the legs of the table the same way as the chair/couch. To make the shelf underneath the table top I created a separate cube, lined it up with the legs of the table so that they intersected just a little. Then I used the booleens "Union" to make them into one piece.

The wall lights are just pyramids flipped upside down with the bottom faces removed. I places a spot light shining directly upwards inside them to make it look like a light. The material is a phong with the transparency turned relatively low. However, I'd be careful with adding too many decorative lights like this. They aren't really doing that much to light my scene but definitely effect the render speed.

To make the windows I selected 6 faces on either side of the wall and changed their material to a phong with the transparency all the way down. The sky and grass behind them are just planes with a picture placed in as the material. 

I hope that this will maybe help some of you or even inspire you to do something cooler. Alex, I'm assuming you've already made something way cooler than this.

Oh and I am going to see the Rockets perform this Friday in NYC. I heard on the Today show last week that they will be incorporating 3D into the show this year. Don't worry I'll be sure to tell you all about it in my next post!

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arturo said...

After seeing your final work I think I can say it was time really well spent. It was also very nice to see how audience responded to everyone's work. If something is learned from this class is how dedicated and persistent you must be to achieve a proficient level in 3d animation.
I really appreciate it when students take their time to share their finds with others, the mistakes and their successes so your work and effort transcends to next generations of students as well. Congratulations to all on your efforts!