Sunday, November 13, 2011

Too Many Good Games

There are so many games coming out right now and I don't have the time or money to enjoy them right now. Even if I did have those resources I am currently without a system to play them on. My younger sister who is a gamer, has commandeered my Xbox 360 and destroyed the honor my gamer tag AlexandaDaGreat once had.

I really enjoy first person shooter games. Going on Xbox live and destroying strangers in virtual worlds is a lot of fun but I haven't done much of that this year. I already missed out on Gears of War 3. Two games on my Christmas list are Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. My relationship with these games goes back to before high school. I'm not a bandwagon fan like all the people who have jumped on the Call of Duty franchise when it moved to consoles. The original Call of Duty for PC was great. So was the second one, Call of Duty 2, the two best World War 2 games I have ever played. Then Call of Duty tried to move to consoles on the Gamecube PS2 and original Xbox. They released Finest Hour and The Big Red One. I thought these games were way under par for the franchise. Then they struck gold with Modern Warfare and have made billions of dollars and sell millions of copies in days.

Battlefield is a similar story. Dice originally launched Battlefield 1942 a revolutionary game pitting teams of 32 against each other as Germany, Japan, Italy, England, America, or Russia. In this game you could fly planes, bombers, drive boats, submarines, tanks, jeeps, you name it. They continued the Franchise with Battlefield Vietnam, Battlefield 2124 (an under appreciated future based shooter) and Battlefield 2. Like Call of Duty Dice tried to move the franchise to consoles but it just didn't work out until Battlefield Bad Company. Bad Company utilized the newly developed Frost engine to create fully destructible environments. This immediately gained the game attention. They released a more refined sequel with Bad Company 2, then after building console confidence launched Battlefield 3 2 weeks ago. Myself and many others believe that Battlefield 3 is a better game than Modern Warfare 3. Infinity Ward now has some FPS competition which means they will try even harder with this next Call of Duty they release. Gotta love capitalism.

Oh and I made a graphic for a friend using create text. Pretty cool how you can set up text and two lights in less time than it takes to render.

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