Sunday, December 11, 2011

Brain Control

When my brain gets a great idea a lot of physical things get in the way when trying to move that idea from within my head to within my computer. First obstacle is my hands. I can't even draw a straight line, how am I supposed to move things around precisely. Then there's my mouse, but I forget that a lot so I end up using a track pad which is even worse. But when I do have my mouse i rarely have a mouse pad so its accuracy depends on the surface that I am on. Basically the chance that an idea isn't greatly effected by these physical obstacles is very small. I just wish my brain could be directly connected to my computer. But I saw something online that makes it look like this might be possible soon. The Emotiv Epoc Neuro Headset is now on sale for 299 right here. I was skeptical until I saw an IGN review.

And a guy playing angry birds with it.

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