Sunday, December 11, 2011

End of Semester Freak Out

So my hard drive just crashed with my entire field and 3D project on it so Arturo I hope you have a heart and understand my less than superb blog right now... i'll make up for it and post a better one asap!!!! I'm currently facing 18+ hours of backing up and hope i lose nothing... yes i'm having a HEART ATTACK.

Anyways the things I want to address tomorrow in class are as follows... maybe one of you guys can help me!

1) Arturo showed me this graph that showed all the keyframes in a timeline... now I can't find it! Where is it, any hints for understanding it better so you can edit your keyframes faster?

2) Parenting, my animation is pretty much finished minus some minor stuff I want to clean up in the keyframes so how the heck do I parent it so it actually picks up my piece????

...hopefully tomorrow I'll finish it in class! GAH

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arturo said...

Hey, no freaking out, be calm and cool and "everything will be allright, lalala:-)

For the graph go to Window/Animation Editors/Graph Editor in the Main Menu and whatever object that is selected at the moment will show all the keyframes involved. They will be color coded to aid you in figuring out which is which (x,y or z) If you click any of the elements at the left of the graph (translate, rotate or scale) that will isolate that particular curve with its keyframes. You can then delete keyframes or move them (with the regular move tool) either along the timeline back and forth (left and right), or (be careful and see the actual animation if you do this) up and down which will cause the selected transform to change. Hope this make sense.

I think to better understand it you can create a super simple animation with a box that moves across the screen for example and then see what happens when you mess with the keyframes in the graph. You can also change the curve by using the bezier handles, by now a common concept uh?

For parenting check out the video that Connie posted below which is pretty good and easy to follow.