Monday, December 5, 2011

Why 3D TV won't catch on

Last week I blogged about 2D trailers for 3D movies and how so many films are coming out in 3D now. I found a blog that agrees with me and lists their reasons logically. I am fascinated by this technology and want to know if this will fade out soon or stay with us for a while. I talked about the health concerns for 3D TV in the last blog and the author of this blog says, "Research also suggests that watching 3D tv is actually bad for your eyes as it forces them to act in an entirely unnatural way which causes the eye strain, headaches and fatigue, this has been labeled convergence-accommodation conflict." This proves my point strongly. Also, the glasses can be very uncomfortable, especially for someone who wears prescription glasses. One thing I was unaware of was the price of the glasses. The author says Panasonic Active Shutter Glasses costs £100. If two pairs of glasses comes with a TV that is good but what about children!?

The TV and glasses are expensive and there is very little 3D content. The better the response from viewers, the more 3D content will be made, which will lower the price of production and TVs, so it won't take much to change people's negative views on costs and accessibility. 

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