Friday, January 27, 2012

One Two Three Four!

I would like my first post to be about one of my favorite movies of 2010. I'm talking about Scott Pilgrim vs the World, A movie that my not be in 3d but which graphics are definitely going to change the way movies of this genre are made in the future. What I like about Scott Pilgrim is that the graphics used not only look "cool" but also help tell the story. I think that the fact that this movie combines reality with animation to communicate with the audience is what makes this movie so different and original. I like also that the style of the graphics bring you into this videogamish world. Some of them even suit each of the characters by the style of the font or even the color of the graphics. This movie made me think that we need to plan ahead before we begin our projects. We might need to ask ourselves, which style am i going for and which elements am I going to use in my design to create it in order to achieve the look we are going fore. Here is the trailer for Scott Pilgrim.

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