Thursday, February 9, 2012

4D Movies

Cinemas around the world, starting with Glasgow, will start offering D-Box technologies which add another dimension to your movie going experience. Cineworld Glasgow, the tallest cinema in the word, will be installing new seats in their theaters which move and vibrate along with the movie. This lends the audience an entirely new experience. While 3D currently puts the movie right in front of you, 4D will actually put you into the movie.

To test this out, last year a South Korean company put similar products into a cinema and screened Avatar. Along with the shaking, the audience was also met with the smell of smoke and explosions, flashing lights, water mists and more. While products such as this usually find their home in amusement parts and tourist attractions, they will very slowly be incorporating themselves into the average trip to the movies. Especially since 3D movies seem to be becoming the norm. The tests in South Korea, by CJ 4D Plex, brought in 50% more viewers than with 3D or 2D movies.

The new Spy Kids movie will be incorporating some 4D into it's releases, putting 8 opportunities for smells into the movie, which they hope will enhance the action, adventure, and comedy. Since not all theaters are equipped to deal with smells, every audience member will get a card with numbers on it. When that number flashes up on the screen, you scratch the corresponding number on your card and smell it. It isn't exactly up to par with the newest 4D theaters but it's a start and will bring in most of your senses to enjoy the movie.


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