Sunday, February 5, 2012

"Scott Pilgrim vs The World" - Lucas Lee Fight

"Scott Pilgrim" is one of my favorite movies of all time. As a huge fan of comic books and video games, it really speaks to the geek in me. But what's truly impressive is director Edgar Wright's amazing use of CGI in this movie. Start it at 2:54 for the good stuff!

The transition of real world Michael Cera to CGI Michael Cera is all but seemless. I certainly can't pinpoint the moment when it happens. The CGI lends a sort of elasticity to the character that makes for an amazingly unique look. The idea of using CGI to make a character who wouldn't normally be able to pull of these kinds of moves makes for an entertaining movie. throughout. Most generic action movies (I'm looking at you "GI Joe") are content to put their characters in super suits or some other kind of shell that will give them their super abilities, but still allow the animators to avoid going for a totally human look. Here, we have to believe that it's our boy Scott throwing the punches, and he isn't masked for a second. Take note of the unflinching camera. It never cuts during the fight!

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