Wednesday, March 7, 2012

3-D Television

We've all been to at least one 3-D movie experience in our lives, (and if you haven't, well shame on you.) Anyway, 3-D generally required the use of 3-D glasses. Even the first generation 3-D televisions required expensive glasses in order to function. Now we're at the point where we don't need the glasses. Toshiba has introduced a television that doesn't require the glasses in order for things to appear 3-D. Go to the mall in Ithaca (Pyramid Mall) and near the SPCA and AT&T there is a television display where it looks 3-D without the glasses. Honestly, I think it's terrible. Within 5 minutes of standing there and trying to watch the TV I got a headache and had to walk away. It's so distracting. I personally think 3-D is cool for special effects or for things popping out at you (Like Harold and Kumar's 3-D Christmas). For regular television it's ridiculous.
If you want to read the article about Toshiba's TV I've put the link here.

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arturo said...

I totally agree with you, it's terrible! I avoid going near those displays, they are vomit inducing!K-(
Until 3D is not treated as a cheap gimmick and becomes part of the cinematic language for a reason you will see a lot of this stuff. Companies jumping into the 3D bandwagon because they think they will increase their sales while in fact they are damaging the industry by not understanding how to deal with a new space as it requires a new grammar.