Thursday, March 1, 2012

Alex Roman

Below is an ad for Silestone, a company that makes countertops, that was created entirely in CG using 3D models. It shows fruit falling and smashing into pieces like glass when it comes into contact with the counter. What amazes me is how realistic the fruit seems, I never would have guessed that they weren't real. I think it is also interesting that they chose to make them falling rather than just film them falling and then switch to CG when they hit the countertops. It was made by Alex Roman who used 3D Studio Max, V-Ray, After Effects and Primiere Pro.

Roman was the one who made The Third and The Seventh which is a short film made entirely in CG (I believe someone in the Motion Graphics class posted it on the blog).

On his Vimeo, he posted a video that shows how he did the modeling for some of the shots in his move (The Third and The Seventh). It just shows quick shots of each object through its phases until it becomes the final product, I thought it wa really interesting. The very first shot of most of them (even though it was probably made in 3ds max) shows a similar model to what we are using in Maya.

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