Sunday, March 4, 2012

Playstation Vita Augmented Reality

Sony just released their new handheld gaming device, the Playstation Vita. The big hook here is their new augmented reality gaming. The system uses a series of cards as place holders for the on-board camera and turns any area in your playground. Here's a demo below. Everything you see is seen through the screen of the Vita.

This is pretty fricken cool in my opinion. They've taken 3D models and found a way for them to interact with the world around them. I'm a little skeptical as to just how well this system works. It's possible this is it operating at it's absolute best. I remember trying the Xbox kinect and being pretty disappointed. It worked fine but you needed to clear an absurd amount of space in your playing area in order to have good results. What sort of parameters will the vita have? They claim the world is your playground. I'm interested to see if that is true.

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