Saturday, March 10, 2012


For break I'm visiting one of my friends in Vermont who is a game art and animation major. She showed me some of her work in maya and 3Ds Max but they seemed so much more detailed than anything I had been able to make, but this was because after she created the structure of the object, she would import it into zbrush to fine tune it. I know someone had posted about textures in zbrush, but I still didn't really know what it was. ZBrush allows you to mold your object, almost as though it was clay. Everything seemed so much more realistic when you could add features or wrinkles to a face or muscles to a body. You can also create objects from scratch, similar to how we do it in maya, except instead of extruding from your initial shape, you mold and stretch the object (or that was how she did it the one time she showed me).

This is a gallery of some of the things you can make in zbrush. Below is a short video of a sped up creation in ZBrush of a mans head.

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arturo said...

I am glad you were able to see 3D Max in action. In fact you all have the equivalent of ZBrush in your computer. It is called Mudbox (it is part of Maya but a separate program in the Autodesk folder) and it does exactly the same thing. You can do some of the short built in tutorials and have fun with that.
Of course you need to realize that the models created with such system will end up having hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of polygons so they will take a good time to render. Not very good for animations but very good for still shots, unless of course you have a powerful computer,