Saturday, April 14, 2012


Hey, stop what you're doing and watch this cute animation about a hamster! (make sure to watch past the first credits)

The was the first 3D animation for this studio and took over 6 months to make, it was involved in over 100 festivals. I was reading on the website about the people on the team, and it was pretty shocking what one of them had to say about making the hair for the entire movie. "All the fur got created within Maya and we used a plugin called Shave and a Haircut by Joe Alter. And to make it even a little bit more technical: We rendered the hair with the Maya Software Renderer instead of Mental Ray because it is faster and gave us at least better results. There are approximately 3.000.000 single hairs on his body. After being rendered, the single fur layer went to the compositing." For the entire project, it was this guys only job to create hair, he didn't do anything else.

Not only do I think it's a great short film that is able to covey a lot with basically no dialogue, it could also be pretty helpful since we are going to be creating our environments for the final project soon and this movie shows a bunch of different indoor and outdoor environments that were created in Maya.

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