Saturday, April 21, 2012


Why am I posting this if it isn't even 3D? Well, because I love Misfits and British tv (my obsession for British tv has been discussed in previous posts... I think?). I am posting this intro because it's a great animation in 2D. The effects are great, there's a lot of textures and interactions and they add to the main tone of the show. I've already talked about layers and the importance of layers in 3D, but I though it would be a cool idea share this video which is a perfect example of how layers are supposed to work. The art of this video is simple but at the same time interesting and captivating. You can tell that there are different layers and effects applied on this video. Some example is the multiple animals that running around, the clouds and thunders. Another thing that works amazingly in this intro is the color design, It looks clean and it draws you in as a viewer. I think that color design is probably one of the things that we should consider when we create a project. This along with textures and the actual animation.

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