Saturday, April 28, 2012

Puzzle Tutorial

Now that I've somehow successfully created half of a dog in Maya, I've been looking at some simple tutorials that I can try over the summer.  I think that we've developed enough skills to apply to projects of our own, and this one that I've found takes you through the steps of creating a puzzle with your name or logo on it by duplicating the original puzzle shape.  But why just stop at doing your name?  I think that with this tutorial you could apply an actual image and make your own puzzle, possibly using keyframes to animate the pieces to put themselves together.

It's great being able to identify what goes into making a piece like this.  Such as recreating the lighting and  making the light, fading shadows that come off of the puzzle pieces.  The tutorial also discusses using planar mapping to appropriately place your image on the puzzle pieces.

At the beginning of the semester, this all seemed to daunting.  But now that we've gone through so much with maya, it's exciting how many tutorials and ideas seem doable.  (Even if some of these tutorials still seem absolutely impossible, such as the invisibility effect)

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