Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's Kind Of A Dog!

I still have to do some camera work and render, but here's the final product.

I spent so long trying to make the skeleton work (which it didn't, for some reason) that I didn't have too much time to work on the environment (I think I might be more proud of the rock than the actual dog).  But here it is, something that resembles a dog!  I'm not gonna lie, I'm not super thrilled with how it turned out.  But I guess I'll just have to practice a lot over the summer, maybe start with something easier before diving into animals, or try to tackle modeling people again.  I'm also not entirely sure why you can see little flowers through him, but I deleted those so they shouldn't be a problem.

I do wish I had fixed his eyes though, he looks crazed.  If I do go back to fix him, I'll definitely try to work more on the paws and actually try to make separate sections so they look more realistic.  I will also try to fix some of the vertices so that he looks a little more rounded around his neck (even though he's already smoothed out, I was having some problems with fixing that).

I won't be at the screening but I hope everyone's project turned out great! (See some of you in LA!)